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My agency offers architectural solutions ranging from renovation to interior and exterior fittings for private homes and business premises.


I approach each new project with an open mind and a keen ear. Successful interior design is the result of a dialogue between the history of the place and the history of its owners and users.


I have a preference for timelessness, and take great care in the simplicity of volumes, the reflection of light and the harmony of colours and shapes. For me, the warmth and serenity of a place comes from selecting living, natural materials that are both precious and raw, such as stone, wood, lime and cement.


Minimalism leaves room for human interaction and light when abundance prevents it. This is my definition of luxury.


Choosing my agency also means choosing to work with quality construction professionals who share the same passion.


Ultimately, all my design work consists of imagining and creating for you places where beauty and functionality strike a perfect balance.

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